Clothing Alterations

Hemming, Lengthening, Shortening, Tapering, Re-styling (taking in & letting out), Labeling for:

  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Jackets
  • Suits
  • Leather Garments
  • Cocktail
  • Wedding and Prom

Garment Repairs

  • Replacing zippers
  • Repairing sliders in zippers
  • Patching holes
  • Mending by hand
  • Re-stitching split seams
  • Fastening and replacing buttons
  • Flipping collars on worn out shirts
  • Replacing loose elastics in waists/bottoms
  • Punching new jeans buttons and grommets
  • Replacing snaps...
  • and More!

Additional Specialty Services

  • Adding belt loops to pants
  • Adding sweat guards to jackets
  • Adding gussets to pants to increase rise
  • Adding yellow stripes to uniform pants
  • Adding false hem to lengthen pant/skirt/dress hems to max
  • Adding reflective tapes to garments and gear to increase visibility
  • Adding darts and seams to shirts/jackets/coats for more contemporary fit
  • Adding elbow patches to jackets/sweaters/shirts in cloth/leather/suede...
  • and More!

Tailoring Services

  • Narrowing shoulders on shirts, jackets, coats
  • Lifting up shoulders on tank tops/blouses/dresses
  • Sizing down or letting out garments up to 2-3 sizes
  • Lowering waist bands on skirts/pants
  • Complete re-lining of leather and wool coats, skirts, pants, garment pockets

Custom Projects

  • Shorten/ making curtains- single layered, lined, black-outs
  • Shorten/making table cloths, runners, place mats
  • Make or re-size bedding: duvet covers, sheets, bed skirts
  • Make or re-size slip covers for furniture
  • Make or recover zippered or simple cushion covers for indoor or patio furniture

Heavy Duty Repairs

  • Repair /recover sail covers
  • Repair/recover boat seats, cushions, v-births, canvas
  • Repair/recover patio umbrellas, awnings, motor home seat cushions
  • Zipper replacement/repair on soft bags, purses, sports gear carriers,tents and etc.
  • Repair and sizing on your armoured motorcycle and riding gear, chaps

Sewing Machine Service & Repair

  • Complete service and repair of most portable sewing machines
  • If you can bring it in the shop, we'll service it
  • Tutorial lessons on how to use your own sewing machine